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Web Development

I have been developing web sites since 1999 and have seen enormous changes take place in the world of web design. In those early days most people had desktop computers (laptops were expensive, slow and had horrible screens, I know, I had one) and the best way to create an elegant looking web site that would work on any browser was to use Macromedia Flash. Today people are accessing the web on all kinds of devices with many different screen sizes and resolutions. The number one goal is to make your web site viewable across all platforms which is best achieved by creating a responsive site that automatically adjusts its layout for the screen it is currently being viewed on. The number two goal is to make your site search engine friendly, specifically to ensure that Google is able to understand the content of every page, index it correctly and then include it in the results for appropriate searches.

With a background in software development I am able to create interactive data-driven web sites including features such as:

  • Ecommerce
  • Content management, including:
    • Event listings
    • Image galleries
    • Document downloads
  • Audio / video playback

Design Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud is a key component in all of my work. For web development my favourite applications are Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Web Hosting

I lease a dedicated web server running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and use it to host the sites that I develop. I can help you register a domain name and use it to create mailboxes on my server or point it to a third-party email provider like GMail.


Kate's Paper Money

Kate's Paper Money is a web site selling paper money for collectors of world banknotes. I originally developed Kate's web site in 2004 and it has undergone several facelifts since then, including extensive modifications to turn it into a responsive site that works equally well on phones, tablets and desktops. Banknotes have a unique classification system and do not fit well into an off-the-shelf ecommerce system, which is why Kate hired me to develop a bespoke system for her. As well as creating the ecommerce site I also developed an offline system which Kate runs on her desktop PC. The web site and the offline system exchange data allowing Kate to quickly and easily maintain her product database, fulfil orders and issue invoices.

Kate's Paper Money ecommerce web site