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IT Support
IT Support IT Support

I provide IT support to businesses and individuals within a 30 minute drive of Melksham. I charge £90+VAT for the first hour and £60+VAT for each hour thereafter. There is a minimum charge of one hour. I specialise in Microsoft Windows based systems and can help with both hardware and software, including:

  • Purchasing
    • Identifying the right device(s) and application(s) for your needs
    • Identifying possible suppliers
  • Installation
    • Setting up a new Windows device from scratch
    • Connecting peripherals and installing drivers
  • Networking
    • Setting up a wired or wireless network
    • Setting up a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive and network services
  • Cloud
    • Setting up cloud services
    • Explaining how to use cloud services
  • Printing
    • Setting up a printer
    • Replacing ink / toner cartridges
  • Servicing
    • Updating software and drivers
    • Tuning-up Windows to improve / maintain performance
  • Troubleshooting
    • Investigating error messages in Windows and applications
    • Investigating hardware faults
    • Investigating network faults
    • Fixing applications that are not working properly